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Would you like to do business with foreigners?
Vocational school opened in April 2020
アンカー 1
Learn Foreign Language ✖︎ Business ✖︎ Design
<Department introduction>
<Development of human resources who are proficient in foreign languages and familiar with business and design>
<Acquisition of foreign language skills>
Study mainly English and Chinese and provide an environment to talk with foreigners every day
Foreign language x business skills
Department of Advanced Information Business
From the basics to the business that can be active in the company.
Corporate analysis such as SWOT analysis
    Measures for various certification qualifications such as bookkeeping
We will support you until you get a job!
​Occupations you want to be, occupations you can aim for
IT consultant bridge engineer
Support engineer
Product planning, etc.
Department of Media Design
Foreign language x design skills
​Occupations you want to be, occupations you can aim for
Acquisition of design skills such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  Measures for various certifications such as color certification
There are also recommendations to design companies!
To the designers needed by companies.
Advertising designer WEB designer
Color coordinator
Product development, etc.
​In the era of large restructuring, now that the ban on side jobs has been lifted, acquire skills that will not fail.
Acquire multiple skills instead of one.
Online information sessions are held at ZOOM from time to time. If you have difficulty in visiting the school due to the distance, or if you are worried about group information sessions due to coronavirus, etc., please apply. We have prepared an environment where you can ask questions without hesitation! The person in charge will contact you to adjust the schedule at a later date.
​About tuition
1st year
2nd year
enrollment fee
tuition fee
Training fee
Facility charge
Material Fee
Hundred thousand
Hundred thousand
Hundred thousand
Hundred thousand
Free tuition and tuition reduction / exemption in Corona
At our school, we hope that children will not give up on their way to school due to the financial circumstances of their parents or the individual circumstances of their families.
We offer free tuition for 2 years or tuition reduction for 2 years.
The impact of the new coronavirus on children is great, and in response to that, we held an emergency meeting on campus last year.
We have decided to make tuition free and reduce tuition fees.
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