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Let's have a new experience

The first open campus of a vocational school that will open in 2020! (Cancelled last year due to the influence of coronavirus) We have prepared a lot of contents that can be learned at school and online!
Thorough explanation of our school's unique support such as full tuition exemption and living expenses support project! In addition, the transfer system to overseas affiliated universities is also substantial. You can also talk about scholarships that do not require repayment because they are affiliated schools!

* We thoroughly implement measures against new coronavirus infections.

* There is no parking lot. Please use public transportation to visit us.

Open Campus


Let's use it!

​​ Create design ads using Illustrator!

Experience "self-earning skills" with a professional teacher!


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Open Campus

“Business” on LINE

Let's experience!

Create an official LINE account!

Let's take a look at how LINE, which is used by more than 70% of the Japanese population, is used in business!


* You can create an official LINE account from the age of 18.

(Those under the age of 18 will use our school's trial account.)

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  • Thank you for applying for the open campus! We will hold a design experience open campus at our school! Let's create DM (direct mail) that you will need for every job! Useful when you start something new or work! Since we are doing it with the concept of "anyone can do it", even beginners are welcome! In addition, we will talk about school information such as the story of full tuition exemption, which is hard to find at other schools!


What if ...
Maybe ~?

Uncertainty is increasing due to the new coronavirus, the ongoing recession, and the development of AI.

In order to deal with uncertainty, we will work with students even before enrollment under the themes of "acquiring multiple skills" and "thinking about the future and preparing".

Past open campus


[Closed] June 19th, 26th (Sat) 13: 00-

Open campus held!


[Closed] April 17th (Sat) 13: 30-

Open campus held at ZOOM!


[Cancelled] April 24th (Sat) 13: 30-

Open campus held at our school!

* Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it has been canceled in a hurry. We are very sorry for the sudden response.

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